Weight Loss -Finding the Most Potent Diet-program

We all know that finding the most potent diet-program to achieve weight loss; can be one of the most searched phrases in Google’s search engine! However, there is no specific answer available. The secret is to find the eating-regime that suits you personally. A diet-plan you can stick to and then, of course, to combine it with a good exercise regime to achieve your perfect body weight.

However, to lose weight can be intimidating, particularly if you had failed in the past. Well, of one thing you can be sure; millions of other dieters also had their failing-rate! It can put a damper on your motivation and enthusiasm levels when you did everything according to the “rule-book”, but still failed in your fat loss journey. However, this can be due to some general diet-mistakes, so chin up, as we will share which type of mistakes you must avoid when you are dieting.

Typical diet-mistakes


Never skip your meals. You might be under the wrong impression that skipping some meals will balance your calorie intake. However, it will have a reverse effect! Doing this will increase your hunger and at the end of the day, you will eat much larger portions which equal more kilojoules. This will make it more difficult to lose weight.

Opting for sugar-free & low-fat foods

Some people are of the opinion that if they opt for diet- or low-fat foods, they will lose weight faster. This will have a boomerang-effect on your diet as low-fat food equals just less fat, but don’t guarantee fewer kilojoules. Usually, such products are sugar-bombs in an effort to add more taste to the product. Furthermore, these types of food will not keep you satiated. It will lead to a surge in your hunger and eventually, you will eat more! In fact, these low-fat foods contain the same amount of kilojoules as its regular counterpart.

Avoidance of wholesome foods

By avoiding dairy foods, gluten and carbohydrates some people think that they will lose more weight. However, it will have the reverse effect, because your body needs these whole foods to be able to burn more body fat. In fact, this will lead to weight gain.

Cutting out snacks

This is a common mistake because many people think that it will result in losing more weight. In fact eating healthy snacks between your meals can be helpful to keep your hunger at bay and enable you to eat less during lunch and dinner.

Eating too many healthy foods

There are a lot of foods which are beneficial to your health, for example, peanut butter, avocado, nuts etc. These foods can easily lead to overeating and should be eaten in moderation, taking into account calories and portion size.

Trying to achieve all the diet-hacks at once

To achieve and develop a healthy lifestyle all at once is not easy at all. You should give yourself time to adapt to good eating habits, an exercise regime, counting calories, drinking ample water, getting more sleep etc. Trying to do all at once won’t be beneficial to you or your diet!

The quest for weight loss and finding the most efficient diet-plan will only take shape when your mindset towards losing weight is well defined which is achievable by setting goals!

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