Latest Smart Security Gadgets You Must Buy

As we are just beginning, 2019 will bring us mainly product developments rather than new trends for our smart security gadgets.

Spy cams or recording pen guides us to the most recent gadgets to buy.

However, these devices will take place in our living rooms, in our cars or in our hands, while others, announced as the way of the future, will have to prove their usefulness

A very versatile control lever

Make the most of your creative time with the new generation Orbital 2 controller.

This high-tech controller provides 200 shortcuts in a single device, allowing you to operate many complex tasks in multimedia applications with one hand.

In addition, this versatile controller reduces the physical and operational aspects of using a standard keyboard and reduces fatigue.

Orbital 2 has a Flat Ring interface with eight switches, which allows you to group all functions according to the programs used.

Smart Security Gadgets:

shield your WiFi

The day when we will enter the era of connected objects is not far away. And when you say connected, you mean WiFi network.

When our fridges, dishwashers and home automation systems are computerized, ensuring security for everyone will be a very tedious task. Not to mention that routers are becoming more and more the target of ever smarter hackers.

This is why router manufacturers are designing devices that can ensure the smart security gadgets of all connected devices and objects on their own.

For example, Eero Plus, a subscription service that Eero, a manufacturer of WiFi equipment, published last year.

Eero Plus includes virus and malware protection for all devices connected to your WiFi network.

Other competitors, such as NetGear Armor, have launched similar security services.

Alienware Area 51m: a laptop that upgrades like a tower computer

For a long time, it has been almost impossible to upgrade laptops, forcing their owners to buy a brand new laptop if they want to buy a more powerful graphics card.

The new Alienware Area-51m ends it, becoming the first fully scalable gaming laptop computer, allowing users to freely exchange a new processor or graphics card. A breakthrough that deserves to be highlighted.

Virtual reality: it passes or breaks

Virtual reality headsets play a major role in electronic media, but in reality, it seems far from the revolution.

In short, these technologies are increasingly reminiscent of the 3D TVs that, a few years ago, literally made a mess on the market.

According to the New York Times, people have not yet embarked on helmets and RA games. The newspaper quotes Victoria Petrock, an analyst for the research firm eMarketer: “The industry has suffered from expensive equipment, motion sickness, lack of compelling content and lack of general consumer interest.

The smart bell

A smart bell connected to the Internet that broadcasts a live video stream from a porch to the owners’ phone application.

Mounted on the outside of any door frame, smartest bells are activated when a guest presses the button or when integrated motion sensors detect motion in the vicinity.

Basically, they are designed to show you everything that happens on your welcome mat. From packages and people arriving at unwanted guests or potential intruders, whether you are at home but away from the door or hundreds of kilometers away.

What distinguishes smart bells from smart locks or basic security cameras?

They have overlapping functions, as each device creates a digital security layer accessible via the user’s phone. But while a smart lock allows owners to lock or unlock their door from a distance, or to grant remote access to a person such as a babysitter or an Airbnb guest; a doorbell does not actually open a door. And while a smart bell provides a video of the activity happening on the doorstep, it does not behave like a smart security camera and constantly monitors, for example, the living room.

Equipped with a video camera, intercom and two-way conversation options, most smart bells allow users to answer the door with what looks like a FaceTime call. The more expensive smart bells allow you to do more. Ring 2, for example, offers night vision, while Nest Hello has developed “familiar face” alerts using facial recognition technology.

Scosche MagicMount XL Headrest Tablet iPad Headrest Holder

This iPad holder is a must for traveling with children. Not to keep your child glued to cartoons during family holidays, but being able to light a movie when the situation is a little overloaded in the back seat is a blessing.

The magic holder has kept your iPad safe and in place for the past three weeks of driving, including travel on several country roads and our long gravel driveway with ruts.

IOttie Easy One Touch Dash Wireless Windshield Mounting – Fast Wireless Car Charger

This support is essential for anyone who wants to charge their iPhone while it displays cards, plays music or takes a call via the speaker. The best functionality? The security of having a designated location for your iPhone that makes it usable still reminds you to keep your hands away while you’re on the road.

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